Create your personal Avatar with face recognition and personality test

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Hey, dear Worker! 

We're working on a personality feature for avatars, and we need your help and honest answers to a personality test to train the network. Please, spend about 12 min of your time for the following task:

Install on your iOS device: |

1. Start the app & recognize your face carefully - for the best results, make sure it’s well-lit and properly seen in the camera.
2. Tap on “Make personality test for Avatar” on Gender Validation Screen. 
3. You will see a sequence of 3 screens that will help to define your personality by your face mimics - please make a good photo of your Smile, Wink and Angry face (mind there’s enough light please).
4. Submit your answers to the questions and we’ll try to create Avatar that matches with your personality!
5. When done - you’ll get a description of your personality type. Please, screenshot it and send it to us. 

- Internet access. Your device should have the connection all the time during the test. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pass it - we get the data from our server.
- 100% anonymous. We pass the tests to the neural network directly and use the data only for its training.
- Provide only honest answers. The test have control questions — one question in different words. If your answers vary on a similar question the results will not be validated and testing doesn’t make a sense. Please, be sincere.
- Try to avoid ‘neutral’ answers. For clearer tests results, please, try making your answers closer to definite “yes/no”. 
- Make sure you send the screenshot. 

Feel free to share your comments and advice with us on test questions, the results you get, the avatar or anything. 

Thank you in advance! Your help is much appreciated!

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Send a screenshot i with a description of your personality type.

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Posted: August 21, 2018
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