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Hi Fiverr Workers,
We need your help to take 2 screenshots of two game screens of our subscription app called Papumba Academy. The business need behind is to understand if the localization texts are correctly displayed/aligned in these two core sections.

1. Download Papumba Academy for free from your local iTunes/Google Play Store. Just search "Papumba Academy" and you will find it.
2. Open the app in your device and take a screenshot of the Landing Page in your native language (see Screen reference in zip attached I).
3. Then tap "Continue to Limited Version"
4. Once in Main Menu, go to "Unlock Everything" on the upper right corner.
5. Once inside "Unlock Everything", take a screenshot of this section as it is shown in your native language (See screen reference in zip file attached II).

Relevant Note:
Your iTunes/Google Play account must be native to one of these countries:


We stay attentive to your Proposal. Thanks!

Required proof that job was finished?

Once you have finished with Steps 1 to 5, just share the two screenshots into the proof box. Proof is required to pay the job.

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Posted: March 6, 2018
Updated: one year ago
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