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This job is available for workers from all countries.

Job Description

Dear Minijobz workers, it is my pleasure to present you this job where you can also extra earn. Before you start with your work be sure that:

A. You don't have account on Clixsense
B. Don't use VPN to change your country and IP address
C. Don't already complete my job like this one (accounts with sign up date before 4. jan 2019. will be rejected)

If you break one of those rules, I wont pay you.


1. Simple Sign up through this link: |

2. Review and update your profile - (how to do it: | ) DONT MISS THIS STEP

3. Choose image and post as your avatar (how to do it - |)

Required proof that job was finished?

1. Screenshot of your earning page with profile picture (example of page with earnings - |)

2. Screenshot of your IP adress from -

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Category: Sign up
Posted: January 4, 2019
Updated: 4 months ago
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